About 4D Farms

Experience the Bounty of Our Farm — and Enjoy

4D Farm Owners, Dave & Lori DeHaan

Five generations...that's how long the DeHaans have been building their honest, caring farming legacy. In addition to providing high quality beef products, for the past 17 years, the DeHaans have run two dairies as well as a soil and seed business through Revolution Soil & Seed. Through the efforts of the DeHaans and their staff of 70+employees, 4D Farms achieves its goal of having its customers, friends, and families truly experience their farm with each purchase, and at each meal.

One the earliest memories of 4D Farms owner, Dave DeHaan, is getting up early on Saturday mornings and helping his dad with chores.

Says Dave: "From my first memories as a kid, I remember caring for calves on my parents' farm and all the other chores we had to do relating to the animals. Dad always told us that the animals needed to eat, be bedded, milked, and cared for before any of our needs were met. This has always stuck with me and we live by this same motto, today: 'The cow’s needs will always be handled before our own.'   

I have also realized along the way that the generations before us cared for the land and cattle just like we do. I want to have something better than I was given to pass down to my own children; the only way to do that is with sustainable practices that will make the farm a better place for my children. I also believe that with five generations of farmers before me, a lot of knowledge has been passed down to me through the years. This has helped us when we are faced with challenges, because we can always reflect back and remember how they did it before us.

The thing I love most about farming is that it is not a job — it is a lifestyle. I might put in 100 hours a week on the farm and not one of those hours ever feels like a job.  I always get asked why I work so much or spend so much time on the farm.  It's because to me, I am not at work, this is a lifestyle that we have chosen — to take on the responsibility to care for living animals.  Also being able to experience new life with the addition of a new calf being born or the days getting warmer in the spring. I also enjoy all the great people we get to work with and meet along the way who share the same passion as us to produce a safe, wholesome product to help feed the world — whether that be milk, beef, or wheat. It is pretty amazing to be able to sit down at the dinner table and know we have a part in producing the bounties in front of us."

4D Farms looks forward to continuing to provide high quality, great-tasting dairy and beef to clients across the region for decades to come -- wherever people gather, 4D wants its farm to be at the table.

As 4D Farms owner, Lori DeHaan, says: "We love food...it's fun!"