Care & Sustainability

The Highest Quality Care for Our Animals
and the Environment

Our Nutrition is in the Pasture...

We are committed to sustainability and pride ourselves in high quality care and treatment of our animals. Our cattle are born in Colorado on our own dairy farm and then moved to our grass pastures in Wyoming. 4D Farms' nutrition plan has been designed and is closely monitored by our nutritionist, Dr. Davy Brown:

4D Farms' primary differentiator is the fact that our cattle are primarily pasture-raised all the way up to full-grown — where most other herds are forage-raised from early on.

Recycling / Sustainability Focus

We use numerous different recycling methods in our operations at 4D Farms — from the feed that our cows eat, to using the cow’s manure and turning it into valuable compost that people can use in their gardens. Water is another precious resource, especially in the high desert of Colorado, so as a standard practice, we reuse our water up to four times on our farm:

Water passed through a heat exchanger to help cool our milk;
We capture all that water and store it in large tanks to then flush all the concrete cow alleys to keep them clean;
Water is then stored in lined lagoons where we test the nutrients in the stored water and then apply it to our crops based on what their nutrient needs are.
Water is then used wash floors and clean non-potable areas around the barn stalls;