Farm-Fresh Premium Beef

Healthy, Great-Tasting, Affordable: Premium Beef


4D Farms Beef Ordering Process

Our farm's beef comes from family-raised Holstein steers, the highest quality steers available. Our beef is all natural; we do not use hormones and our beef never contains antibiotics. When you buy from 4D farms, you can be assured of where your meat comes from – as you're purchasing a single-sourced product from a Colorado farm family that raises its own steers on the wide open pastures of Colorado and Wyoming. Our beef is processed at a USDA-inspected and approved local processing center, Innovative Foods in Evans, CO (run by our friends and located right down the road from our farm) – and is put into cold storage until time of delivery.

Shipping: For Whole, Half & Quarter Steer Orders, we will contact you for your final payment and shipping instructions.  For individual orders, we offer 3-day shipping or you can pick up from our location.

Half or Quarter Cow Beef Ordering Process

4D Farms will provide standard cuts for all half and quarter steer selections; the butcher will split the steer according to the steer size ordered – to ensure all customers get a true variety of cuts (each cut will be individually vacuumed-sealed).
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Ground Beef

Our ground beef is 100% natural — [again, no hormones, ever] — and very lean, as it is taken from the primal cuts of our steers.

Ground Beef Patties

Our patties are uniformly shaped from our premium ground beef, full of flavor and ready to grill for your next cookout.


A ribeye’s marbling is what sets it apart from other cuts; 4D Farms' ribeyes are packed with flavor and just the right amount of marbling for a juicy (yet not fatty) consistency.


Also known as tenderloin steak, the filet is the most tender and rich cut of beef available; ours is hand-carved at a juicy 2” thick, for melt-in-your mouth texture and flavor.

New York Strip

Our family's favorite cut, our New York Strip has wonderful flavor with a firm, yet tender, flavor.

Sirloin Tip

Our sirloin is lean and although it is a little tougher cut, it creates great quality steak tips excellent for stews, grilling, or kabobs.

Skirt Steak

Skirt steak has a texture of its own that incorporates marbling for great flavor; this steak is great for fajitas, stirfry, or marinating of any kind.

Sirloin Steak

4D Farms' sirloin is a bold, lean steak with great flavor at an affordable price.