Farm-Fresh Premium Beef

4D Farms Whole, half or Quarter Cow Beef Ordering Process


There is no fresher beef you could buy than meat from 4D Farms. Our animals are humanely raised on our own farms, with an all-natural diet — resulting in a higher quality beef product for your table.Our processing facility is located right down the road from our farm — so we personally oversee the processing process.

The result is fresh, farm-raised, all-natural beef of a higher caliber than you can find elsewhere — delivered right to your doorstep, ready to enjoy.

Step 1: Choose Your Order Size

Step 2: The Cutting Sheet

Whole Steers: Clients choosing to purchase a whole steer will choose your cutting per the sheet below. Please email us back the cutting sheet to

download cutting sheet

Half and Quarter Steers:

4D Farms will provide standard cuts for all half and quarter steer selections; the butcher will split the steer according to the steer size ordered – to ensure all customers get a true variety of cuts (each cut will be individually vacuumed-sealed). On average, the breakdown of the cuts received for half and quarter steers is:

Step 3: Payment & Shipping Information

For Whole, Half & Quarter Steer Orders: Customers order per the average pounds you will be receiving; however, we cannot make the steers the same weight, every time. Therefore, you will be charged a deposit when you place your order — and your final order will be charged per pound according to what the steer yields upon processing. Once you submit your order on the 4D Farms website, we will contact you for your final payment and inform you of the exact per-pound charge for your order once the order is processed.

Full, Half or Quarter Steer - DOWN PAYMENT

Down Payment Only